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Brown Rice Grits

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We grew up in the south.  One of our favorite foods is cheesy grits.  Several years back though, we decided to limit our corn intake due to the genetically modified corn with all its pesticides in our food system.  So we started looking for alternatives that would give us the taste of the south.  One day I came across someone who wrote an article about using ground brown rice for grits.  That day I tried it and our Cheesy brown rice grits were born.

Our beloved shrimp and grits was back on the menu.

Ingredients:  Love infused with Heart and Soul*, Ground brown basmati rice*, Jeddy's Seasoning*, Pink Himalayan Sea Salt (*Organic)



Ingredients: Love, Jeddy’s 10 Spice Blend*, Pink Himalayan Sea Salt*, Raw Cane Sugar*, Roasted Cacao Powder*, Molasses*, Cayenne Pepper*, Black Pepper*, Turmeric* and Fair Trade Coffee* (*Organic)

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