About Our Spice Blends

Do you ever look through your spice rack and see the same mass-produced seasoning blends that provide little inspiration?  Not sure what to do with them?  Many are loaded with too much salt, strange additives you can't even pronounce, fillers when you want the herbs and spices, old with lost flavor because they have been in your cabinet for months or even years and seriously unoriginal flavors. What you see does not inspire you or give you confidence to reach new culinary heights.  It is time to toss these uninspiring boring products and set yourself up for falling back in love with food flavors.
  • All our spice, drink and quick meal mixes are blended and packaged by hand for superior quality, consistency and the freshest flavors
  • We grind our herbs and spices for the superb flavors and aromatics
  • We focus on healthy, amazing tasting, creative flavor combinations.
  • Our herbs, spices and ingredients are Non-GMO ingredients ONLY.
  • We never use preservatives, no MSG and no fillers.  100% herbs and spices.
  • Our blends that do use salt and sugar are used to balance flavors.  You taste the flavor of the ingredients and not just salt.
  • All ingredients are gluten-free.
  • Our herbs and spices are non-irradiated
  • No animal byproducts – perfect for vegans and vegetarians.