About Us

For 25 years, we have cooked together, created for and inspired others to cook from their hearts and to share food made with love.

In 2012, we made the decision to sell everything and move into an RV to explore our great country. Our passion for cooking together could not be extinguished by a small RV, we transformed nearly half of it into kitchen.  Although it was a lot more difficult to cook from scratch and bake, we didn't let it deter us.  When something is your passion, you find the ways to make it happen. The beauty of traveling the country was that when we would come to a town, we had the opportunity to find the most amazing restaurants and farms, no matter the town we landed in. With every farm to table, mom and pop and family owned restaurant, dive, cafe and pub, we became more and more inspired and excited. 

During our travels, our boys said "we would like to make a booth and sell our Jeddy's at farmers markets".  These sweet boys were the inspiration to share Jeddy's and all our creations with the world.

We made the decision after nearly 3 years on the road to open a cafe in Colorado for our friends wellness company, it was the opportunity to create the dream we had envisioned. Creating, building and running a restaurant was one of the most exhilarating things our family has ever done, we were blessed to have amazing staff and community.  So many people fell in love with our food.  It nearly crushed our spirits, when we were called back to Florida to be near our extended family.  We promised ourselves to continue our vision of feeding people’s souls in Florida. With that promise in mind, Southern Sol was born.  Florida is where our love for each other and our creations were ignited.  It makes sense to return here and share with our community all we have experienced creating Foods Made With Love.

We are excited to share our Seasoning blends, recipes and our visions. We hope you fall in love with the flavors as much as we have.

With Grateful Hearts, Matthew, Teresa, Gannon & Parker