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Jeddy's Seasoning, Our Most Popular and #1 Sold Seasoning by Our Loyal Customers.

Fresh Ground Herbs & Spices Made in Small Batches

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Jeddy's Seasoning A fresh ground, no filler seasoning so well  balanced it enhances everything you put it on.  Your taste buds will thank you!

Your Florida Souvenir

U R My Sunshine has a limited supply until we can harvest again. We blended hibiscus, ginger, orange and lemon peel grown in our own little town in Florida to make this Himalayan Sea Salt grinder. It is refreshing, light and perfect for salads, eggs, chicken and fish.

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We didn't know what we were missing out on when having our cocktails until we created our drink rimmers and syrup infusions. It takes them to the next level.

Herbal Creations

Studying herbs for over 20 years as well as local foraging, we began infusing medicinal herbs and blending them to create incredible skin nourishing and health supporting products.

Nuts & Seeds

Our seasonings make for some incredible tasting flavored nuts and seeds.