Collection: Signature Seasoning - Jeddy's

Fresh Ground, Organic, Awaken your Taste buds, The Best Seasoning for...well Everything!

Our Signature Blend, Jeddy’s Seasoning brings life to every meal.  As a family, we use it for everything!

It was created nearly 20 years ago as a pork rub, we loved it so much we tried it the next morning on our eggs and potatoes, and the rest is history.  Sautéed vegetables, roasted veggies, grilled, roasted and sautéed meats - chicken, steaks, pork, fish, shrimp, tofu & burgers, in our sauces, condiments and dressings, snacks, deserts and more. It even goes great on popcorn and vanilla ice cream! No matter your style of cooking, everything pops with flavor and your family and friends will all want your secret. 

We challenge you to find something it isn't good on! Everything tastes better with a little Jeddy’s.