Collection: Botanical Essences

Flower essences are infusions or decoctions made from the flowering part of a plant.  Each plant has its herbal attributions to wellness.  Flower essences uniquely address the emotional and mental aspects to our health and wellness along with bringing in many of the herbal attributions essence. 

Flower Essences are believed to contain the vibrational energy of flowers which can improve negative thoughts and emotions. Flower essences will best serve those looking for relief from a certain form of stress. Each flower brings its own relief. Acute emotions will feel at ease with short term use, but the deeper more chronic emotions and stress, the more health afflicting stresses may take daily use for 30 days or more. Exposure to a flower essence gives you the opportunity to get to the root of the stress which can help with pain and dis-ease. They work on a deeply individual level of healing. Scientific research shows links between stress and many illnesses.

How the essences are made through sun infusion also brings additional benefits from the sun charged water.  Sunlight being our main source of energy not only for ourselves but all organisms on earth by naturally heating and oxidizing the water along with the UV rays tearing apart microbes that make water unsafe.  When water absorbs sunlight it develops a charge from the sunlight, bringing water back to its aliveness.

Our flower essences are organically homegrown or wildcrafted from our property and since Florida is called the Sunshine State and we have an abundance of sunny days, we have the perfect opportunity for creating powerful flower essences.