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Wholly Smoked Jalapeno Infused Oil

Wholly Smoked Jalapeno Infused Oil

Organic Infused Olive Oil with Organic Herbs

Small Batches ~ No Artificial Ingredients ~ Taste the Difference

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We take our Wholly Smoked Jalapeno Blend and infuse it into extra virgin olive oil to create a smokey, spicy oil you are going to want to add to your favorites. When you want to add a drop of chipotle to your favorite dishes, bread dipper, salad dressings, sauces, marinades, roasting or sautéing.  Jeddy loves to put a drop of two in his pico de gallo and salsas.

Part of our infused seasoning blends. 

Ingredients: Love*, Extra Virgin Olive OIl* infused with Wholly Smoked Jalapeno (Chipotle Pepper*, Pink Himalayan Sea Salt*, Brown Raw Cane Sugar*, Coriander*, Smoked Paprika*, Fennel Seed* and Cumin Seed*) (*denotes Organic)

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