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Inner Light Stress Relief and Relaxation Tea

Inner Light Stress Relief and Relaxation Tea

Small Batch ~ Special Blend ~ Herbal Benefits

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Herbal Tea for the Sol

We all can use a bit of support in our lives to help lift us when stressed. Our Stress & Relaxation tea can be used any time of day including before bed. Don’t hesitate to enjoy when feeling the need for some relief.

Excellent during 3rd Trimester and Postpartum

Inner Light Stress Relief & Relaxation can be a single brew or make a gallon. Hot or iced it helps shine your inner sunshine.

***We are not experts in medicine or your health and with that we ask that you contact your medical or healthcare professional especially.

  • If you are taking medications, have any medical conditions, or are undergoing radiation or chemotherapy, it’s best to talk to your healthcare provider before consuming any tea 
  • Constituents in tea and herbs can worsen existing medical conditions, interact with medication (including chemotherapy and radiation treatment) or cause adverse reactions.
  • Consuming herbal tea while pregnant or nursing should also be discussed with a physician before drinking.

Ingredients: Love*, Homegrown Lemon Balm*, Chamomile Flower*, Homegrown Moringa*, Rosehips*, Spearmint and Lavender Flowers(*Organic)

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