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Guava Leaf and Barbados Cherry Leaf Tea

Guava Leaf and Barbados Cherry Leaf Tea

Small Batch ~ Special Blend ~ Herbal Benefits

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Guava leaf and Barbados Cherry Leaf tea is power packed with nutrition and healing properties, plus it tastes wonderful!  Getting the benefit of the guava and barbados (acerola) cherry leaf in this wonderful tea. 

Sip on the health benefits of organic Guava Leaf and Barbados Cherry Leaf Tea. This specialty blend gives you the best of both leaves without compromising taste or nutrition. Enjoy a cup of tea with the added bonus of health benefits!

***We are not experts in medicine or your health and with that we ask that you contact your medical or healthcare professional especially.

  • If you are taking medications, have any medical conditions, or are undergoing radiation or chemotherapy, it’s best to talk to your healthcare provider before consuming any tea 
  • Constituents in tea and herbs can worsen existing medical conditions, interact with medication (including chemotherapy and radiation treatment) or cause adverse reactions.
  • Consuming herbal tea while pregnant or nursing should also be discussed with a physician before drinking.

What kind of benefits?  check out blog post on the health benefits of guava leaf and barbados cherry leaf tea.





 Ingredients: Love*, Guava Leaf* (Psidium guavjava) and Barbados Cherry Leaf* (*Organic)

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