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Everything is Better with Garlic Infused Oil

Everything is Better with Garlic Infused Oil

Organic Infused Olive Oil with Organic Herbs

Small Batches ~ No Artificial Ingredients ~ Taste the Difference

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We just love infused oils and this oil infusion is fantastic!  Everything is Better with Garlic is one of our favorite seasonings.  And a true statement!  With it's hints of citrus from the lemon peel and the earthiness of the parsley, it just takes garlic to the next level.  Use on your roasted, grilled and sauteed veggies, makes an incredible bread dipper, salad dressing are next level and using it for your meats whether roasting, sautéing or grilling.

When you want to add additional garlic flavor a drop of this infused oil to your favorite dishes, bread dipper, salad dressings, sauces and marinades

 Part of our infused seasoning blends.

Ingredients: Love*, Extra Virgin Olive OIl* infused with Everything is Better with Garlic (Garlic* Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, Parsley* and Lemon Peel*) (*denotes Organic)

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