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Green Goodness - Cuban Oregano Salt Grinder

Green Goodness - Cuban Oregano Salt Grinder


No MSG ~ Vegan ~ No Artificial or Natural Dyes or Flavorings ~ No GMO's ~ No Anti-Caking Agents ~ No Corn or Soy ~ Gluten Free ~ Non-Irradiated

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My brother brought me a cutting of this aromatic plant.  As she began growing on our property, I took cuttings and put them around the property to see where they best would grow.  To our delight they were happy to grow all over the property.  Now how did we want to experience the flavors and with such abundance, we could get creative.

Cuban oregano is stronger then the mediterranean oregano most are accustomed to using.  It's leaves are soft and velvety and can grow quite large.  When you pick a leaf the aroma is strong mix of oregano and thyme.  

We started using the fresh leaves in sauces, cut up in salads or tossed in with sauteed vegetables.  As I was drying the leaves, I had extra that wouldn't fit on the trays, so I decided to make a paste from them that I could preserve.  I then tossed some large granule pink himalayan sea salt in the mix and dried it.  

Perfect for using in sauces, on meats, salads, vegetables, 

No Fillers, No Additives, No MSG, Gluten Free, No Artificial Flavorings, Non-Irradiated

Ingredients:  Pink Himalayan Sea Salt*, Organically Grown Cuban Oregano




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