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Blimey Great Island Spice Grinder

Blimey Great Island Spice Grinder


No MSG ~ Vegan ~ No Artificial or Natural Dyes or Flavorings ~ No GMO's ~ No Anti-Caking Agents ~ No Corn or Soy ~ Gluten Free ~ Non-Irradiated

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What is the flavor of our Great Island Spice?  Aromatic, earthy, slightly minty, peppery and subtle sweetness. The combination is filled with palate pleasing flavors.

Coriander is a mild spice with a slight minty flavor that pairs well with some of the stronger flavors in this blend. With the Rosemary and it's earthy flavor with the subtle lemon and mint it pairs well with thyme. Fennel a wonderful digestive spice that when paired with Rosemary really blends it licorice and mildly sweet with the earthy notes. The black, white, red and green peppers offer their own nutritional qualities and provide that peppery and slightly sweet addition.

Grind into your favorite dishes.  

Join our exploration of flavors. We found it makes a great pot roast, delicious roast beef, a delectable butter biscuit, an excellent salad topper, scrumptious crusted pork loin, and wonderful roasted tomato sauce over pasta. 

What wonderful dishes can you create with this grinder blend? 

No Fillers, No Additives, No MSG, Gluten Free, No Artificial Flavorings, Non-Irradiated

Ingredients:  Love*, Rosemary*, Thyme*, Coriander, Fennel, Rainbow Peppercorn* (Black, White, Green, Pink Pepper Berries and Allpice), and Pink Himalayan Sea Salt  (Denotes Organic)

 **Pink peppercorns are are related to CASHEWS and can cause an anaphylactic reaction in those who are allergic to CASHEWS/TREE NUTS



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