Jeddy's Quick Tips

1.  Take your sour cream or mayo and kick it up a notch.  Shake Your Jeddy's a couple times and stir in your sour cream or mayo.  Spread on your favorite tacos, potatoes, sandwiches, wraps and anything else you use mayo or sour cream in.

2.  Take some olive oil in a small dish, Shake Your Jeddy's 3-5 times then use a brush and coat your chicken, turkey, fish, pork chops, steaks prior to grilling or pan frying.

3.  Spice up your ketchup with a couple shakes.  Or make your own with our recipe.

4.  Eggs in the morning taste the best with a couple shakes of Jeddy's

5.  The best popcorn you we ever had will have a couple shakes of Jeddy's on it.

6.  Jeddy's on watermelon, cantaloupe or honeydew is incredible

7  Take a jar or our to-go-packs with you when you go out to eat.  

8.  A moderate amount of Jeddy's is a good thing.  Don't use it sparingly.

9.  A couple shakes of Jeddy's in your coffee in the morning, is a great way to start your day.  And if you want a bit of chocolate with that, grab our Cacao Your Cup.

10.  Use your imagination.  We haven't had anything Jeddy's didn't taste good on or in.  Challenge yourself to use Jeddy's at every meal.