What National Day is December 7th?

What National Day is December 7th?

In food related terms, December 7th is National Cotton Candy Day.  This doesn't really excite my culinary palate. It does remind me of one day when grocery shopping, we bought green grapes. When I got them home the kids asked why I would buy those. I reminded them I often buy grapes because red or green grapes are great to have as snacks. And my youngest asked me to try one. "Oh weird those taste like cotton candy" I said...and he pointed to the bag. I had unintentionally grabbed a bag of cotton candy grapes.  When expecting a green grape taste, it was definitely not what expected. I am sure there are some great recipes for these grapes and a quick search got me to a recipe for drunken grapes...intriguing yes, but I wondered if there was another food celebrated today?

After digging a bit deeper I realized it also is the Feast of Saint Ambrose Day. To celebrate the Feast of Saint Ambrose, people have gourmet Milanese dinner, enjoying traditional Osso Buco alla Milanese served with Risotto Milanese. Not to take anything away from Cotton Candy but my palate would much prefer the gourmet Milanese dinner.  We have made risotto several times but we have yet to make osso buco at home. If we go out to a fancy steakhouse, you will sometimes find Jeddy ordering osso buco, while I stick with my filet mignon. So it isn't something we have spent much time thinking of doing at home and I won't be sharing any recipes for these. Since we won't be attending the Feast in Milan, I set to learn more about St Ambrose.

The Feast of St Ambrose in Milan is coincides with “Oh Bej Oh Bej” a street market. This year from December 7th to the 10th, from 8.30 am to 9 pm, the whole area around the Sforza Castle is busy with people trying an assortment of local food and drinks, as well as shopping for colorful arts and crafts at local stalls.  As you may or may not know, we love selling our products at small local farmers markets. So if that isn't right up our alley, I don't know what is. 

Ambrose is known for being the patron saint of bees, beekeepers and even candle makers! So a farmers market makes a lot of sense. In art and symbolism of Sant Ambrose, he is often depicted with bees or a beehive based on a tale that as a newborn a swarm of bees landed in his mouth and left honey on his lips. His name is also used in what we know as "ambrosia" salad and some even celebrate his day with recipes made with honey. 

So head out to your local farmers market this week, grab some local honey, think of Saint Amrose and create something yummy for your family to feast on.

We will most likely be eating a family favorite, the first meal I ever made Jeddy. Honey mustard chicken over rice or as Jeddy likes to call it Tee's funky chicken.


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