Honey Mustard Chicken and Rice

The first meal I ever made Jeddy and he still married me :)

Of course who can resist a comfort food meal. Not our family. It is a staple quick and easy meal in our family. It adapted over the years, with our homemade honey mustard and Jeddy's Seasoning but it is definitely has been a family favorite. We usually make a green bean, brussel sprout or broccoli side to accompany.

For our family of four we use a whole package of chicken breast or chicken thighs and when feeling the need for leftovers we will use both. We cut up the chicken into bite size pieces, toss them in Jeddy's Seasoning and sautee in olive oil or coconut oil in our cast iron pan. There is normally quite of bit of water that is in the pan these days as the chicken cooks so we use that to thin the sauce a bit. If you don't have that you can add some to thin the sauce. Once the we don't see any raw chicken pieces, we pour the homemade honey mustard sauce all over and continue with a simmer while we wait for the veggies and rice to be completed.

The honey mustard sauce I created for that first meal was a combo of a honey dijon dressing and ranch dressing. If you have those in your fridge you could always do that but, making it from scratch definitely is a nice step up.  

We use mayo, dijon mustard, sour cream, fresh parsley, local honey and of course Jeddy's Seasoning. Our mayo and sour cream are a one to one ratio and the rest we add to taste. There are no hesitations in our house as tasters are waiting to make sure the taste is just what they want with that perfect blend of sweet and tangy. We like lots of sauce so we usually start with a cup each of mayo and sour cream, double it when we want left overs and cook extra chicken.

The best part about this is if you make more sauce then you want to use on the chicken, you can add a bit of water if too thick and keep any extra you make as a nice salad dressing or dipping sauce for chicken tenders.