National Chocolate Covered Anything Day - December 16

National Chocolate Covered Anything Day - December 16

You had me at Chocolate!  What more can one say. Anything covered in chocolate is really the ultimate. So this is a National Holiday that makes us smile!

What makes chocolate so good. That little cacao bean. We order the full beans, cacao nibs and cacao powder. Now when some of you read cacao you might say cocoa. But there is a difference. Cacao is the purest form of chocolate you can get. Cacao is the raw, unprocessed version of cocoa. Raw cacao can take some getting used to. It tastes a little different than cocoa products and can be slightly bitter. The higher percentage of cacao the darker your chocolate. Cacao is all we use in our household and in all our products.

Btw did you know white chocolate isn't even chocolate?  It is just a cocoa butter with sugar, there are no cacao beans in it.

Back to covered in chocolate......What is the strangest thing you have ever covered in chocolate?

We make all kinds of things covered in chocolate.  We even give you seasoning options to add a twist to your every day activities.

Check out our Dip It in Chocolate rimmer.  You can rim your favorite glass, mug or desert. Some of our favorite uses for it are espresso martinis, mudslides, white russians, chocolate martinis, coffee, chai tea, hot cocoa and we even spoon in a coffee for a great treat.

Check out our Chocolate Java Love Rub. Who can pass up this rub for steaks, lamb, pork and chicken on the grill but did you know you can use it when your roast as well. We even have used it on roasted veggies.

Check out our Life is What You Bake of It Grinder. A blend of cacao nibs, cinnamon chips, vanilla bean powder, rock sugar, nutmeg and just a touch of sea salt. Love to add flavor to your coffee, a nice ground blend on desserts, icings, cocktails and even on our popcorn!

And Last but not least our It was Always Mint to Be Rimmer. Chocolate and peppermint, yep I am in. 


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