December 20th is National Sangria Day!

December 20th is National Sangria Day!

Sangria during the summer is refreshing and delish. During winter months and when the temperatures drops a mulled hot sangria is what I crave. 

First we make a good Sangria. Sangria uses a traditional spanish red wine but any fruity full bodied dry red wine will do. Some even use any wine. It veers from the the traditional but hey sometimes you have to use what you got. Then I pick out my fruit I want to use. Now this will depend on the wine and spices you use.  With our Let's Wine Down Together - Mulling Spice we like a citrus blend with cranberries and apple. We have used many fruits in our summer blend including berries, peaches, cherries and melon.  In summer to give a more vibrant flavor and if you prepare in time you can marinate the fruit in a simple syrup with spices.

A great hot sangria wine recipe to try is as follows:

Make a simple syrup:  We use simple syrups for so much and keep different flavors in our fridge. Since we grow fresh mint and lemon balm you will always find one of those in our fridge.  They are excellent for adding to sun teas, raw caccao drinks, coffee and more.

Mix 1 cup sugar and 1 cup water is traditional but a bit much for our taste so we make it 1 cup sugar to 1 1/2 cup warm water to dissolve all the sugar, then add your favorite flavoring. Examples of simple syrups we have made: mint, lemonbalm, lime, lemon or orange peel, guava leaf, hibiscus, tarragon, rose, lavender, basil, raw cacao (this makes homemade chocolate syrup once heated on stovetop and reduced-thickened)

Pour 2 bottles of red wine in a crock pot or large pot. I normally set the crock pot to high for about an hour then reduce it to keep warm as it is consumed. 

Add 1 cup brandy. 1 cup simple syrup depending on how sweet you want it and if your wine has a sweetness to it.  We usually use less. Slice a whole orange, lime and lemon peel and all and add to the pot. Add any additional fruit you are feeling festive about. We are adding cranberries (about 1 cup) and apple (1). Drop in your mulling bag. 

Let cook on high for about an hour then reduce to warm and serve. You can garnish your cups with orange slices or zest, a cinnamon stick.

Enjoy with friends!

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