Recipes Made With Ca C'est Bon Cajun

Quick Tips

  • Take your sour cream or mayo and kick it up a notch. spread on your favorite tacos, sandwiches, wraps and anything else you use mayo or sour cream in.
  • Take some olive oil in a small dish, Add Ca C’est Bon then use a brush and coat your chicken, shrimp, turkey, fish or pork chops prior to grilling or pan frying.
  • Whisk into some ranch dressing and serve over grilled chicken salad
  • Spice up your fries when they are hot out of the oven or fryer.
  • The best popcorn you we ever had will have a couple shakes of Ca C’est Bon Cajun on it.
  • Mix with greek yogurt or sour cream as a dip for veggies or on your baked potato.
  • Combine with cream cheese and crabmeat for an excellent dip
  • Mix with ground turkey, beef or chicken, dijon mustard chopped red onion for a yummy burger.
  • Shrimp, sausage and veggie skewers on the grill.

Shrimp and Grits

Homemade Croutons on a grilled cajun chicken salad.