I prefer local, organic or homegrown but realize that isn't always realistic!

I used to be an organic snob!  I admit it.  I would tell you all about all the horrible things your food was delivering to you and be offended that you were offended.  This came from years of research into just what the food industry is doing to our food.  The more you dive into it the more you want to run screaming and yelling about its fallacies.  So with that fear from all you learned you want to save your friends and family and anyone else who will listen for that matter.  As you go further in the rabbit hole you can get filled with anger, fear and a multitude of other emotions at what we are doing to our population through our food system and what a horrible person you are for feeding not only yourself but your children who didn't have a choice.  

The best part is no matter how far you go there is always someone who went that extra step and are snubbing their nose at you.  Our society gets divided by the eat organic, homegrown and local communities and further get divided by vegan, meat eaters, raw foodies and gluten free.  Diet restrictions and hierarchy of ones eating choices have become rampant and if you were to step back and observe, it all becomes comical.

But what I discovered through this was......you cannot eat perfectly in our society today.  Not if you go outside your food safety bubble.  You would have to grow it all and raise it yourself then with some type of system to make sure all the sprays and pollution in our air, water and soil are accounted for.  So I decided that eating the best way I can, within the circumstances I have is the best thing I can do for myself and my family.  My food snobbery would have to be put aside.

So now we try to cook at home and make from scratch all we can.  But there are days where we say man it would be nice for someone to cook for us.  Or oh my gosh i want French fries or a donut.  And each time that we make the decision to give in to these thoughts, consume the forbidden food, the words let's not do that again are usually spoken by one of the members of our family either as our taste buds start to react to the aftertaste, that night as our digestive systems begins a revolt or the next day as our trips to the bathroom multiply.  

You see when you start to clean up your eating, your taste buds change, some of your cravings for certain things disappear, you body starts to celebrate the life giving foods and you start to become aware of how your body hasn't been responding so well to the "nourishment" you have been giving it.  So when you get that urge or feel despondent cause you can't find the food you want, and you do eat out or just give into a processed food, you hear it.  Yes sometimes from others but more importantly your own body.

My recommendation to you is this, if you are called into the rabbit hole and want to look into the scariness of the food industry, please do, but understand the depth it can take you, the reactions your body will encounter and the snobbery you may portray. Understand something, if you deprive yourself or your family members, most of us humans will have a small blip in our mind that will grow with time of the forbidden food....whether it is from a commercial, billboard, advertisement, or just a friend or family member eating a bag of Cheetos and a Mountain Dew, and this blip will become in your mind a need.  You can bury it,  remind yourself how good you feel, but it is inevitable that you will be around a person with French fries or a double cheeseburger and your stomach responds with a growl.  And when you succumb to this with exasperation, don't beat yourself up, don't tell yourself how bad it is.....savor it, see it as nourishment just like many who are ignorant of what you saw in the rabbit hole, and remember you can always say, "let's never do this again".  

Our motto has become....enjoy your life and feel the gratitude for the blessing that you have the opportunity to eat, no matter what is in front of you.


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