National Sacher Torte Day - December 5th

National Sacher Torte Day - December 5th

I will confess, this one I had to look up.  And when I did my mouth was watering. I was never one to eat apricots but one day Jeddy was making a White Russian Cake and was trying a new recipe that called for an apricot spread between the cake layers so he bought some and tried it. It took that white russian cake to the next level. I was sold on apricot jam and cake from that day forward.

The "original" sacher-torte cake has 2 apricot layers - one between the cake layers and one on top below the chocolate glaze that encases the entire cake it is served with a large dollop of fresh made whipped cream. This cake variation was created in 1832 by, a then 16 year old apprentice, Franz Sacher. As an apprentice to the chef for the Prince of Vienna, he stepped up at the last minute and used his creative genius to come up with a desert for an aristocrat gathering that evening due to the head chef falling ill. What a story and legacy!

Recipes are a tightly kept secret on this "original" cake by the Hotel Sacher which was established by Franz Sacher's son. They do have an online shop and in 2-7 business days you can have an original delivered. A medium sacher torte original is approx $65 plus international shipping. Cheaper then a trip to Vienna but I pretty sure not as experiential as being there. Now you can find any number of recipes online trying to guess and come as close to original as possible and you can even find different variation ideas as well. 

Since non of us have had the pleasure of having this internationally known cake, we will probably try to make some variation on it. It has now been added to our culinary bucket list and I think a trip to Vienna to experience this cake freshly made would be exceptional!

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