National Maple Syrup Day - December 17th

National Maple Syrup Day - December 17th

Maple Syrup!!  There is nothing like ruining a good breakfast with a side of some high fructose concoction with maple flavoring. I know it is cheaper but restaurants, we would pay the extra for a real maple syrup. Be proud of your breakfast waffles, french toast and pancakes and give us real maple syrup instead of ruining your hard earned work! I get so disappointed with breakfast places that don't at least give me the option. Ok off my rant on the issues with breakfast restaurants and that poor excuse for maple syrup. Just buy some of those little maple syrup bottles you can take with you when you go out to breakfast.

Everyone check your you have real maple syrup or some maple flavoring concoction?

In the US, maple syrup is sold in grades, either Grade A or B. Grade A is then broken down into Light Amber, Medium Amber and Dark Amber and Grade B is the darkest available syrup. The darker the syrup made from the extracted sap the stronger the maple flavor. The darker syrups are normally extracted later in the season.

I haven't had the pleasure of extracting maple syrup yet but would love to take a trip during maple sugar season and learn the process.

We use maple syrup in many of our sweets we make, we mix it with Jeddy's and brush it on bacon prior to cooking, fruit compotes, garlic maple bacon brussel sprouts are ridiculous and well it goes without saying a good french toast, pancake or waffle should only get maple syrup.

Now is maple syrup healthier then raw cane sugar, the benefits to either are negligible one over the other. If you are cutting out sugar substituting with maple syrup will not accomplish much if anything for your sugar restriction. As far as a healthier choice then the concocted version, yes leaps and bounds. The real maple syrup is 100% sap, the fake one contains a variety of other artificial ingredients, including caramel color, artificial flavors and food additives. Remember those from other posts.  Yeah.....give me the 100% sap!



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