LOVE - The most important ingredient

LOVE - The most important ingredient

Why do we include LOVE - the most important ingredient in our recipes?  

We firmly believe that food created with Love can be tasted in the food.  When someone has a passion and love for what they are making, we can taste it.  We have eaten all over this country and we have become aware of the differences.  An intention to make something good for someone they care about can not only be tasted but felt.  And when you feel loved the flavors will sing. 

Cooking for us is a meditative experience.  When my husband and I cook we are transformed into a realm where we are infusing our love for the food into every sauce, dressing, meal, desert or cocktail.

So many times, we hear the food just doesn't taste quite like when you made it.  And we always say there is one ingredient we can't give your food, you have to.  If you are thinking about someone who wronged you, stressed about something in your life or angry about something, the food will be off.  

There is a sort of place we go when we are cooking.  Nothing else in the world can touch us.  There are no bills to pay, no worries or stress, there is pure focus on creating a delicious plate.

We also are conscious of live food.  Overly processed, pesticide and insecticide laden foods are not filled with life.  They actually are deprived of it.  I know it isn't always possible to have fresh food for all of us, but it is possible to not eat overly processed foods.  

There is a basic belief in Zen philosophy that energy is transferred from the ingredients to the cook, into the food and then to one who is eating. If you prepare a meal with love and empathy, the food will transmit that to the one who is eating. So we are feeding others, not only physically but also emotionally. Zen monks spend a substantial amount of their day cooking because it helps them practice mindfulness, service to others, and patience.

So when you get something we make whether it is a meal, a dish or one of our spice blends you can know that are focus and intention is in creating that from a place of love.



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