Kiddy Marg

Kiddy Marg

Our kids have watched through the years as friend and family alike, have commented on how great their margarita is because of the Dirty Rimmer.

And one day they asked, can we have one?  So my husband concocted the Kid's Margarita.

Tumbler filled with ice.

Add Orange Juice and Pomegranate or sometimes Guava fill to 1/2 inch below rim.  Squeeze a half of lime or limequat (we have a tree to gather from).  Pour into another cup.  Rim the glass and serve.  

Another favorite:

Blend a handful of fresh strawberries in vitamix (or other blender), add lime and splash of guava.  A handful of ice.  Rim the glass and pour in for an amazing Strawberry Kiddie Marg

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