It's National Ambrosia and Gingerbread Day - December 12

It's National Ambrosia and Gingerbread Day - December 12

Both these foods were holiday foods for each of us growing up. But seem to be two things that could not be further apart. Interesting that they share the same day.

After talking about our ambrosia salad experiences which most always occurred around Easter or the 4th of July, we question why today was chosen to celebrate National Ambrosia Day. We can only surmise that perhaps it was to bring some sunshine to some of the colder shorter days of December and a way of using canned fruit that couldn't be procured fresh during this time of year.

Ambrosia is said to come from Greek mythology and is known as the food of the gods and is said to bring them longevity and immortality. Think nectar of the Gods. Trying to correlate that fruit salad to this is a stretch for me since it is not one of my favorite dishes of my childhood. Jeddy said I may not have had a good one growing up and we should try to make it ourselves. I have reluctantly agreed. Until then we will talk about the other National Food day.


Gingerbread houses and gingerbread cookies, now this makes sense to me as a National Day in December. Our kiddos are no longer little so our gingerbread houses are not being made each year. Most years we, with most everyone else, bought our gingerbread kits. We did once several years back take on the task of making our gingerbread from scratch and building our house with the kids. This was during our make everything from scratch era. The gingerbread cookie pieces were ridiculously good and we wanted to eat them not build with them, so we went back to making our own gingerbread cookies and buying the kits for the house making. 

What do you think should these two share a day?

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