Happy National Pie Day - December 1st

Happy National Pie Day - December 1st

Every day is special and a day to celebrate. We recently found out every day in our calendar year has a connection and celebration to food.

Today is National Pie Day, so let's celebrate it together.  Now some of you might say, wait a minute, I thought it was January 23,  Well evidently our Nation loves pies so much we made 2 National Holidays about Pie.

We may be breaking from the traditional thinking one would have when mentioning National Pie Day but we tend to do that :)  

Today we want to share with you one of our favorite pies. We used to make it at the cafe out in Colorado.  Chicken Florentine Pot Pie with a chipotle butter crust.

We started making traditional pot pies adding our Jeddy's chicken thighs and they were such a hit at the café. We were enjoying them so much we wanted to create new pot pie flavors with different fillings. We came up with several non-traditional pot pie filling flavors. One of our personal favorites and it quickly became one of the most popular non-traditional pot pie we made, was our Chicken Florentine Pot Pie and we made our crust chipotle flavored with a locally made chipotle coconut butter that we picked up at one of the nearby farmers markets. I will say scratch made there truly is nothing like it when it comes to flavors but they do take some work. At our home we do pot pie day and make several individual pot pies, then we freeze them for later.

If you don't have the extra time there are definitely some shortcuts you can try. It is not the same but it will give you a hint to the incredible flavors and will inspire you to find some time to make it all from scratch one day. 

Shortcuts include using a premade pie crust or puff pastry. To get the chipotle crust flavor we have improvised with brushing on a chipotle melted butter prior to baking. You can melt 2 tbsps of butter and add a teaspoon of our Wholly Smoked Jalapeño Rub to it. It is not the same as having a buttery flaky crust with hints of chipotle throughout it but it will give you a hint to the incredible flavors until you have the time to make it all from scratch. You can also take your favorite bottled alfredo sauce, you may need to thicken it a bit because many of the jarred sauces are are not very thick and you don't want a really runny sauce going in you pot pie; then stir in sautéed onions, garlic, spinach and roasted Jeddy's chicken cut into small chunks.

Just writing this my memory of the amazing aromas as it bakes and the taste of the fresh baked pies....omg delish.  If you are interested in the made from scratch version I will link the recipe below.  

What ideas do you have for a non-traditional pot pie?

Recipe for Chicken Florentine Pot Pie with chipotle butter crust

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