Sharing What We Have Learned from Creating a Food Forest and Foraging

Sharing What We Have Learned from Creating a Food Forest and Foraging

We have spent the last couple years planting on our property with the hopes of creating a food forest.  We started with gardening and trying to plant things we were most often eating and soon realized that our property and this environment was not the best for what we were trying to grow.  Battling the bugs, heat, soils and ant infestations was constant.  So we turned to growing things that were more suitable to the environment, easy to propagate and did not need a lot of attention. The next step was to start learning about all that was growing naturally around our property and the numerous empty lots and woods around us.

As I was learning about the plants growing naturally around us and the plants that were easy to grow, I started noticing how their attributes were connected to ailments that my family was dealing with.  I began researching and learning directly from the plants about their medicinal properties and their energetics. I was exploring the different uses whether adding to our spice blends and our meals or different personal and medicinal products. 

As an herbalist, I had learned about herbs from all over the planet that were good for this ailment or that. This always has left me feeling a slight disconnect and seeking more and more knowledge. I kept feeling drawn to the plants that were thriving where I resided.  I began noticing their constitutions and how they were thriving. Using fresh plants, roots, flowers, drying them and harvesting in their optimal times has taken my herbalism to the next level.  Now I want to share what I have been learning.

 We have added several products under Botanical Creations.

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