Feed Your Soul

Feed Your Soul

Sometimes a person just needs someone to listen.  For over 30 years in every business or job I have done, I have been told that I helped someone process what they needed.  My life has been many lives all rolled into this one and I have dove deep into so many facets.  When I look in review the main consistency has been that when someone needs a hug, someone to talk to or needs to talk something through, From complete strangers on the street, to clients, co-workers, friends or family, I seem to be there in those moments.  And in those moments, my stories, dreams, words that I share all while allowing them to talk have ignited something in them and the words are just what they needed to hear or the space I held is just what they needed to sort out their mind and heart.  Every time this happens, I am told you need to give talks, teach others about all the things you know, and do this for others.  I have had countless opportunities to teach and I haven't. You inspire people, I hear.  And this voice rises....YES!!! And it vibrates/rings through my body and I feel it and then.......BUT where do I even start with that and who would want to pay to here me talk or listen to them.  

The funny part is I used to get paid for it.  When I had my accounting consulting business, several of my clients would sit with me and process their "stuff", get words that flowed through me not from me and hear stories that were just what they needed.  I even had several clients call it their therapy sessions. But it was incognito you could say, they paid me for something else and received something they never expected.  Sometimes you need someone who isn't a friend or family to impart wisdom into the darkness you are struggling with.  No judgement.  Just words, space and questions that may open doors you couldn't see before.  I am not here to fix you, I am here to hold space for you so you can see you.  Whether it is a word, a hug, a deep breath together, a technique, or silence, I am ready.  So what do you call this that I do?  Where do I begin?  

I have always talked about feeding someone's soul....with food as my passion I have said that when you put love into it, people feel it and they experience it in ways they haven't before even if they aren't consciously aware of it.  Feeding ones soul isn't just about food though for me.  It is more.  Food is a gateway, it is the incognito.

So what I would like to do is open my door.  Or come to yours, my husband and I would like to cook for you.  You can watch us prepare, learn a technique, get taste tests and experience a hug if needed, space to talk without judgement or just an amazing meal created with love. ❤  


Feeding Your Soul Sessions for the cost of the food and your donation.  Looking for something elaborate or something simple, something healthy and organic or a big plate of comfort food.  

When we opened the kitchen in Colorado we had everything from vegan to omnivores delight, from salads and soups to hearty comfort food.  We love cooking it all and know that at different times we all need different meals.


We can prepare a meal for just you, a meal for you and your partner, your whole family or a few friends.  Sit back and watch or jump in and help if you feel called.  Have one of Jeddy's Margs or a glass of wine or drink in the music or silence.  Want us to join you and eat or serve and clean up.  We are creating your experience to feed your soul.

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