Dinner Parties.....Is it time to bring them back?

Dinner Parties.....Is it time to bring them back?

Today I was feeling especially agitated by clutter. So naturally I made a cup of coffee and got to decluttering. As I was doing that the clutter in my mind started to clear as well. I love how that works :)

I started thinking of how we don't have dinner guests over anymore. That has been a mainstay in our 30 years together. We would always have a small group over, ok sometimes we exceeded small. Our largest was 75 people, which might have been a bit much but it was exhilarating. Matt and I would cook dinner, make some margaritas, share stories, laugh and feed each others souls. What happened?

I know when we first moved to Florida we thought "ok lets have Feed Your Soul Sessions". We put it out there and the crickets were so loud.
Is it just us or has it all shifted?

Maybe we got too busy, maybe we didn't want others coming over to see our clutter and the real way we all live rather then the stories that are seen on social media, maybe we are so overwhelmed with our lives the thought of having others over is just too much. Maybe those are the things I am telling myself..
Well we could say the days of COIVD took this social experience away but I don't think so. I recall it disappearing many years before. I am sure COVID didn't help and maybe it was the nail in the coffin.

I think it is time we dust that off and open these experiences again in our homes.
Dinner parties are about conversations and getting to the crux of our wellbeing by connecting with others and really can be a medium for cooperation and innovation to proliferate in our lives. It is the truest time of connection for us.
Connection is vital in our lives. Long ago Matt and I figured out that connecting people together over food and drinks was vital to us. It was something we did so often for so many years and we have slowly gravitated away from it. We have tried with the seasoning and sharing our passion with them. Can I tell you how many people say "oh we don't cook". For us who cook every day nearly every meal from scratch we found it hard to understand. But observing we can see how the art of cooking and thus connecting through food has shifted.
I believe this has really impacted us.

Matt and I having been missing the small dinner parties on a level that is hard to express. My realization is It is our purpose but what does that mean. We have always circled it in things we are doing but we have never put our full effort into it, it has always been a side gig or just something to do.....but our Souls have been speaking to us, actually yelling, kicking and screaming.

Every where we look we see people more socially isolated, more stressed out and more in need of true connection. We need this type of connecting more then ever before. And we realized that having our dinner parties is crucial to not only our well being of those around us.

So Let's Dinner Together and Feed Our Souls!

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