December 23rd

December 23rd

It's National Pfeffernusse you know what that is....Yeah I had to look this up.  And once I did, I knew what they were but I made that face like I ate something I didn't like when I saw them. I remember them being part of the cookie platters during Christmas time at my aunt and uncles house. They were the cookies I avoided. So although they are a popular german cookie around this time of year. I don't have it in me to celebrate them.

What I was excited to see and laughed out loud at was today is Festivus Day! If you are a Seinfeld fan you will know their episode where George’s family celebrate Festivus. The idea was born by one of the co-writers whose father Daniel O’Keefe came up with it as a “festivus for the rest of us”. Their family actually celebrated it as far back as 1966. The Seinfeld adaptation has the “airing of grievances”, “feats of strength”, the infamous festivus pole and the labeling of ordinary things as “festivus miracles”

I giggle thinking of the episode.  We will be watching the episode tonight as a family. Definitely announcing ordinary things as “festivus miracles”, I will definitely lose the “feats of strength” but a good arm wrestle with the boys letting them know momma is still not easy to beat and perhaps a few airing of grievances are in store. 

Now get out there and celebrate Festivus!!!  What are some Festivus Miracles you want to share?


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