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Jeddy's Sugar Free - Made w/ Stevia

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Jeddy’s Sugar Free Seasoning brings life to every meal, while supplying the body with healthy spices and herbs that are known to help with lowering blood sugar levels, calorie free, carbohydrate free and do not affect blood glucose or insulin response.

As a family, we needed a blend that many of our family members could share in our favorite dishes, we use Jeddy's for everything- rubs on meats, chicken, fish and pork, to spicing up vegetables, soups, dips, dressings and snacks.  It even goes great on popcorn!

When you cook or bbq, everything pops with flavor and your family and friends will all want your secret to having such amazing tasting meals.  When many people think of diabetic or weight loss meals they think bland.  Well we have a solution for you!  Everything tastes better with a little Jeddy’s.  

Several years ago while growing herbs, I came across the stevia plant.  After my first season growing it and everyone in the family walking by and grabbing a few leaves to chew on.  We thought what a great way to bring sweetness to our spice blend without the sugar.  So we dried some leaves, found the balance we needed with the spices and voila.  Jeddy's Sugar Free!



Ingredients: Love, Jeddy’s 10 Spice Blend*, Pink Himalayan Sea Salt*, Raw Cane Sugar*, Roasted Cacao Powder*, Molasses*, Cayenne Pepper*, Black Pepper*, Turmeric* and Fair Trade Coffee* (*Organic)

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