Accounting/Bookkeeping/Consulting/Monthly Review/Teaching

Find out how to free yourself from the sometimes difficult tasks of bookkeeping and accounting.

I have worked in the accounting industry for over 25 years. I have transitioned through being an employee to owning my own accounting and consulting company, with moments of time in sales, construction, marketing, holistic teaching & healing and feeding people "foods made with love" with my accounting practice going on in the background. I love accounting, I am really good at it and yet I don't fit the “normal definition” of an accountant. I see my accounting practice as a way to help you in your company’s success

Accounting comes easy to me. When I look at a set of books, I see solutions. Helping another is and has always been my calling. So, what better way to harmonize business then to be a part of expanding yours by giving you more opportunities to express what you love and taking back your power in your financial dealings.

In industries as simple as service firms to construction, farming, manufacturing, international retail products, restaurants and non-profits. My expertise is being present with you and your company to create a space where your full potential and empowerment take your business to the next level.

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